Thursday, 15 April 2010

21st birthday cards for my sons birthday yesterday.

Just thought i'd drop in and show you the 4 birthday cards i was working on last week for my sons 21st birthday. Am not finding this blogging malarky easy, not enough hours in the day to actually make cards and blog hop. How do you all find time?
Jill x

Wasn't sure if my daughter wanted his name or brother on her card so made badges of both and stuck on when she decided. She chose Brother, but i forgot to take another pic, ooops

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A few more cards and a blog hop

Well hope you all had a good easter, and didn't eat too much chocolate! Just thought i'd show a few more of the cards i made last week before i show the ones made for my sons 21st birthday. These ones where made using some of the new stamps i bought at Harrogate show a couple of weeks ago. I just love the Lili of the Valley stamps and have to have more (as soon as funds allow) Off now to look at some of your gorgeous creations.
Jill x

Friday, 2 April 2010

I'm back, and my lappys mended

Yippee, i got my lappy back. Oh my goodness it's terrible being without it, felt like i'd lost my best friend (how sad) However, i have actually managed to get some cards made whilst it's been away. Just gonna show you a few today and save some as i wont get chance to make any more over the holiday weekend and next week i'll be on with a few 21st birthday cards for my son. So here are todays offerings, hope you like!
Jill x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sorry i've not been around, pc poorly at the moment

Just a quick post to let you all know, i've been having major pc problems for the last week and unfortunately it is having to go to the menders on monday. Will hopefully be back with you all by the end of the week. Perhaps i will get chance to actually make some cards to show you seeing how i wont be able to spend my days blog hopping!! See you all soon.
Jill x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

No Mojo and i spoke too soon!

Sorry i've not been about for the last few nights but i'm affraid my get up and go has got up and left! Spend most of tuesday and wednesday pushing images and papers round on my desk, nothing was working. And, as for what i was saying about not having any specific birthdays to make for until the beginning of next month, well my daughter informed me i still had 2 cards to make for her step brothers birthday on saturday, thank goodness i'd already made one of them so just one left to do. So this morning was spent making another card for Bens 18th. What on earth are you meant to put on an 18th birthday card for a male? W ell here's what i came up with and i hope they will be ok otherwise Clintons here we come! Off now to visit some of your lovely blogs. Bye for now.
Jill x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Had a lovely weekend, now for some cards.

Well i had a lovely weekend, went out for a curry on Saturday night for Chris's birthday, then, went out with some of Chris's family for sunday lunch yesterday. I really must start my diet soon, only 13 weeks today till my holidays. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend whatever it was you were doing.
I've made so many cards in the last month which have been for specific people, that, i thought i'd have a change this week and just make a few cards to have to hand, not for any particular person, just to have incase anyone needs a last minute cards for someone they forgot. I have a few images already coloured in so will try to use up a few of these this week, before i make a sart on the rest of my family birthday cards. These are the 2 i've finished today, just a general young boys birthday card and a girls get well card. Off to have a look around now and see what you've all been up to over the weekend.
Jill x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bath, pj's, tv and blogging, that's my evening sorted.

Well an evening infront of the telly for me tonight, but bath first and pj's on. Firstly i thought i'd show a couple more cards. On wednesday Victoria (eldest daughter) emailed me from work asking if i could make her a Mothers Day card for friday. Sent her an email back saying yes no problem, whose it for? expecting her to say it was for her other halfs mum or a friend at works mum. Email came back from Victoria , it just said "YOU" You've got to love em haven't ya, if only for their cheek! So my 2 cards this evening are My Mothers Day card and Jessicas' Nannas' Birthday card. I won't have any cards to share now until monday as i'm not at home tomorrow or sunday but, might get chance to drop in on a few of you and say hello. Hope you all have a good weekend and all you mums out there have a lovely day on sunday.
Jill x
Mothers Day card for Me!

Jess's card for Nanna

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another male card....i'm hopeless at mens cards

Well it's been a busy day for me today, been out all day and i've a mountain of ironing to tackle now. Thought i'd just pop on and show the card i've made for my youngest daughter (Jessica) to give to Chris on saturday. It's Jessicas Nannas birthday on saturday too and i've not even made a start on her card! Will be back later to visit you all and make comment on your fabulous creations, bye for now Jill x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

As promised...a couple of cards!

Todays two cards are for Chris, my other half, who's birthday's on Saturday. Wasn't too sure about my card to Chris, didn't know if it was masculine enough! So, i asked the girls over on the Docrafts Forum for their opinions and they thought it was fine for a bloke, not girlie at all. The second card is for my eldest daughter to send. One left to do, for my youngest daughter, not quite finished this one so will show it tomorrow. My son said he'll buy one (probably a very rude one if i know Jason) Got a few jobs to do round the house now but will be back to do some blog hopping after tea.

Jill x

This is Victorias card for Chris

This is my card for Chris

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Just a quick one today i'm affraid.

Sorry this is a quick post today but, it's options evening at high school tonight (youngest daughter has to decide what subjects to take in years 10 and 11 for her GCSE's) so will be out until about 9.30pm. Will do some blog hopping when i get home if i get chance. Sorry no card to show today but will be back tomorrow with a couple. Right off to make tea now.
Jill x

Monday, 8 March 2010

Trip to Paper Mill Shop and a couple of cards

Afternoon everyone, have spent a lovely day today with my friend at Cheshire Oaks Outlet at Ellesmere Port. Only really went to go to Paper Mill Shop!! 120 mile round trip we must be mad. Did get some lovely card though. I got some lovely embossed card identical to Bazzil in gorgeous summer shades, got about 7 different colours in this and i counted it, i managed to get 89 A4 sheets in a box for £4.99, that has got to be a bargain! Also they had in stock the new Xcut border punches so had to buy 2 of those to have a play with this week. It was that nice too we were able to walk about without our coats on.
Just thought i'd show a couple of cards i've made for my daughters very best friend Claire, whos birthday is next monday.
Jill x
This ones from me

This ones for my grandson to send

And this is for my daughter to send.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

I love this stamp!

This card is one my daughter ordered, it's for my grandson to send to his Daddy next week. Love this Hamish stamp and just knew when i saw it that is was just what i wanted to make this card with. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Jill x

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hello Blog World

Well here i am! After spending hours blog hopping and having already had a failed attempt at setting up a blog, i'm back to start again. Will start off by showing you a couple of Mothers Day Cards i've made for my mum and oh's mum. Please feel free to leave comments good or bad as i'll only get better if i know what i'm doing wrong. Oh and thanks to Kerry (aloadofoldpickle) for giving me some advise on how to take better pictures in this dull weather. Hey i'm no David Bailey but these pictures are a lot better than the ones i have been taking recently.