Friday, 12 March 2010

Bath, pj's, tv and blogging, that's my evening sorted.

Well an evening infront of the telly for me tonight, but bath first and pj's on. Firstly i thought i'd show a couple more cards. On wednesday Victoria (eldest daughter) emailed me from work asking if i could make her a Mothers Day card for friday. Sent her an email back saying yes no problem, whose it for? expecting her to say it was for her other halfs mum or a friend at works mum. Email came back from Victoria , it just said "YOU" You've got to love em haven't ya, if only for their cheek! So my 2 cards this evening are My Mothers Day card and Jessicas' Nannas' Birthday card. I won't have any cards to share now until monday as i'm not at home tomorrow or sunday but, might get chance to drop in on a few of you and say hello. Hope you all have a good weekend and all you mums out there have a lovely day on sunday.
Jill x
Mothers Day card for Me!

Jess's card for Nanna


  1. Heehee, at least you know you're gonna get a fab card!

    Liz x

  2. 2 gorgeous cards and you know you will love them cos you`ve made them yourself.have a lovely mothers day.luv coops.xx